Thursday, November 19, 2009

You are the Moon- by Malfunctioning

Eto ulit ang panibagong poem ng aking kaibigan na si MALFUNCTIONING na kung maaalala niyo sa entry na Ballpen at Papel, kung saan ipinakilala ko siya.

Sana ay magustuhan ninyo ito at magiwan sa inyo ng mga aral.

You are the Moon

You are the moon
That, little did I know, is gone too soon
Little did I know, shall hurt me bad
Shall leave me here, alone, unclad

You are the light
That is so gentle, warm and bright
Indeed so bright, you took my sight
Not only that but my heart and might

You are the orb
That had me perfectly absorbed
Dropped me around tightly yours
Though far, conquered me through cores

You are the moon...and your light is from the sun
And the two of you had the heaven stunned
Being a mere girl, I can't take you away
or else you will hardly last a day
You are the moon, and the sun is your life source
I'm not worthy to be the one to close your doors..
...From the sun or else you'll die
Without her breath, hearing her goodbye.

You are the moon..
My beautiful life giving light
And I shall vanish soon..
Away from your sight...


Glampinoy said...

Great Poem! keep on posting...

Mister LLama said...

hello! I am a writer din eh.. And I am willing to post my poems here on your blog. But I need to have the credits also.. My poems are all about being broken... Dark,angst,sad, emotional... Contact me if you are intersted,.

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